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    Converting to mini mkv , using Mini Coder


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    Converting to mini mkv , using Mini Coder

    Post by ShadowKage on Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:15 am

    Here i'm making a tut on how to convert video files to mkv , with high quality and less size

    1. Download Mini Coder - here

    2. Install it.

    3. [Important] Download all the updates (As the program doesn't come with codecs).

    4. Select the Video File by clicking the [+] button , a new window will open and select the Video File. [Input - mkv, ogm, vob, avs, avi, wmv, mp4, rmvb, flv,aac, Vorbis, AC-3, wma, FLAC, mp3, cook, pcm, x264, h264,xvid, divx, mpeg-1/2/4,FRAPS]

    5. Configuring the setting for for Audio , Video etc.

    It's pretty simple

    Video Option :-
    Bit Rate - Select Desired Bitrate.
    File Size - Select the maximum file size limit of Video.
    Quality - Medium [Medium Quality and Time] , High [High Quality and More Time] , Very High [Insane Quality and Time] , Very High Anime (+50)/(-50)/TV Shows/Movies [Anime (+50 and -50 = Size in Mb) [Insane Quality and Time] , Anime (CRF) [Never Tried] , IPOD [Ipod], PSP [PSP] ,PS3/XBOX [PS3/XBOX].
    Codec - x264 , Xvid . Theora . (I choose x264 , but you may choose accordingly)

    Audio Options :-
    Bitrate - Choose as you want.
    Codec - Nero AAC (Need external Codec) , Vorbis , FFmpeg AC3 , Lame Mp3.

    Container :-
    Format - Matroska [mkv] , Mp4 ,Avi. [Choose as you want]

    Filter Option :-
    Leave it if you don't want much trouble as leaving it will not affect conversion.

    6. Option Tab

    Output Settings :-
    Select Output Directory

    Process Setting :-
    Priority - Low , Below Normal , Normal , Above Normal, High, Realtime. [Choose as your convinence]

    Encoding :-
    Select the things you want.

    7. Go to Input tab and select start to start conversion.

    [Note :- Once you have done the setting and second time if you want to use same setting's you can directly start conversion as previous setting are saved.]

    Note from myside :-

    You can convert Anime episodes and tv episodes with this program either 720p or 480p , just select the filesize to 60 or 70 and Quality to High or Medium. The Converted video will have same quality will less size. For Movies , for 480p select filesize from 400-500 and Quality to Very High (TV Shows/Movies) and for 720p Select file size from 550 to 700 and Quality to Very High (TV Shows/Movies).

    Enjoy save you Hard Disk space.

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