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    Block Ads and Redirection!!


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    Block Ads and Redirection!!

    Post by Admin on Sat Mar 12, 2011 8:51 am

    Block ads, malware, music, pop-ups and redirections

    Ads on Internet sites can contain malicious code. This tutorial explains how to block the ads on TPB for each of the 5 main browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

    The setups have been tested on a Windows 7 PC using the latest Windows versions of each browser and associated products. You may need to adjust for alternative configurations. If you wish to share information regarding adjustments you've made, please do so.

    But I've already done this and it's still happening
    Assuming you've followed the instructions below correctly, correctly adjusted for any differences in your configuration, and that new ad providers have not been introduced to the site (which is rare), then you have a resident malware infection which you will need to remove. [Removing infections is outside the scope of this tutorial.] It wouldn't hurt to double-check that you really have done everything correctly. And try deleting your temp files and restarting your browser.

    Internet Explorer 8.0
    1a. Select Start, right-click on Notepad and Run as administrator
    b. Type the administrator password, and click Yes
    c. Select File, Open, type %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc and select All Files
    d. Click on hosts, then right-click on hosts and select Properties
    e. Remove the tick from beside Read-only and click OK
    f. Click Open and add the following line to the file...
    g. Select File, Save As, "hosts" [NB. you must enter the quotation marks], Save
    h. Click Yes [you want to replace the hosts which already exists]
    i. Select File, Open, All Files
    j. Click on hosts, then right-click on hosts and select Properties
    k. Replace the tick beside Read-only and click OK
    l. Click Cancel
    m. Select File, Exit

    2a. Select Start, Internet Explorer
    b. Select Tools, Internet Options, Security, Restricted Sites, Sites, and Add...


    c. Close, OK, et voilà!

    Firefox 3.6
    1. Install Adblock Plus 1.1.3 et voilà!

    Chrome 4.0
    1. Install AdBlock - Version: 1.3.27 et voilà!

    Safari 4.0
    1. Download Fanboy’s Element Hider CSS file and save it to the Safari profile (or any folder of your choosing).
    2. Select Preferences, Advanced, Style Sheet, Other, and select the fanboy-adblocklist-elements.css file you just saved et voilà!

    Opera 10.10
    Select Tools, Advanced, Blocked Content, and Add...

    ...then Close. Et voilà!

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