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    Read The - Rules!!


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    Read The - Rules!!

    Post by Admin on Fri Mar 11, 2011 8:10 pm

    1. Don't post images, videos, or links
    containing pornographic or nude pics ("child porn")
    or suggestive pics ("jailbait")
    of anyone who does not look at least 18
    2. Don't post images, videos, or links
    containing pornographic or nude pics
    or killings, mutilations or excessive blood or guts
    unless they are clearly labelled and, in the case of images or videos, enclosed within SPOILER tags.
    3. Don't post spam or advertisements, or links to:
    * sites containing malware;
    * pay sites, money making, or referral schemes;
    * direct downloads or torrents requiring passwords, or containing fakes, malware, or scams.
    4. Don't post in languages other than English.
    5. Don't cross-post or post on inappropriate boards.
    6. Don't bump or double post. ***
    7. Don't post off-topic. ***
    8. Don't troll or flame. ***
    9. Don't edit, argue with, ignore, or spoof modcalls.
    If you disagree with a call then PM the mod, a supermod, or an administrator.
    10. Don't use puppet accounts to break rules or evade bans--you will be held fully accountable.

    Rules flagged '***' do not apply within The Void, which is hidden to protect the innocent.

    Please note that we can't predict every possible scenario. We're not out looking for ways to warn or ban people but, in cases of outright obnoxiousness, or obvious stupidity or carelessness, we reserve the right to do so.

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